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Welcome to the Open-Reach Ministry's Mondays Bible Study session page.


This page is to inform you how to join our weekly online lessons and it also stores recorded lessons of our Monday sessions. This will be updated every Monday evening by our team after audio/video recordings becomes available, for those that missed the lesson or for those members who would want to re-listen.

Discipleship, True Worship and Spiritual Gifts are examples of topics we have studied so far and the topics will vary according to the leadership of the servant of the Lord.

Recorded lessons are sub-headings to the main heading 'Mondays Bible Study', i.e. by clicking on the + sign if on mobile phones or just hovering over heading if on laptop/computer.

Join us as we study in-depth the Word of God with regards to the different topics, helping us to understand and help us individually with our Spiritual walk with God.


UK - 7pm Monday

Fiji - 7am Tuesday

TeamLink Details: 

Meeting ID: 589 432 0936 (Penaia Rokotuisawa)

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