Even when you don't know...Just Go

Genesis 12:1

One thing that we learn from the numerous examples of servants of God who were used mightily in the Bible and something that is lacking in this day and age is a willingness to Just Go.

Biblical greats did not always understand what God called them to ...but what was evident was the willingness to Go anyway.

This will also be the case in our own callings.

Our human nature can sometimes be a hinderance to the extent God wants to use us. With God we will never have all the answers ...we were never meant to nor do we have the frame for....

God does not require us to have full disclosure just full obedience.

The purpose of a servant of God ...which is what we all are once we give our lives to God is to please Him and fulfill His will here on earth and as Hebrews 11:6 tells us it is impossible to please God without Faith and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

Beloved everything we will do for God will require an act of Faith and Faith is only Faith when we believe even when we can't see, give when don't have, Go when we don't know and do when don't feel like it.

When we do what we know to do, God then is able to do what only He can do.

Whatever God asks us to do is the one thing we don't have to understand we simply need to trust He who is calling us...knowing that He sees the end from the beginning and if He calls us to it...it is in not only our best interest but those of others also.

A faith not tested is a faith that cannot be trusted..So test your faith out beloved and be bold and fearless in living out whatever God calls you to....be content, consider it all Joy so that when the Lord looks down and asks whom shall i send...who will go for Us...may He always find in us servants who will proclaim...He am i Lord...Send Me!. Isaiah 6.

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