Standfast and Stand Tall

Nehemaiah 4

The story in this passage of scripture is a quick snapshot of what happens when we start rebuilding the walls of our relationship with Christ.

We are all innately born with a desire to worship and be in fellowship with God....however due to whatever circumstance or what we were exposed to growing up this can either lead us to or away from Christ.

When however we give our lives to God and commence the work of rebuilding the walls of our spiritual lives we will immediately get the attention of the enemy of our Sanaballat's reaction the devil is furious and very indignant about any soul who is reunited with God....and as such when you start doing the work of investing in your relationship with God he will conspire with his minions to gather and attack you and create confusion.

Creating confusion is definitely a distraction the enemy will use to hinder a born again Christian's walk with the Lord because he knows a confused Christian will be easily swayed, discouraged and thrown off the path God has for them.

Like the tribe of Judah v10 our strength may fail at times due to the amount of 'rubbish' we must rid our lives of...but what we must hold on to is things may not happen overnight but progress is progress...however slow it may is one bad habit, one unhealthy lifestyle and bad decision less everytime we choose God.

Like Nehemiah's reminder to the Israelites we too must remember, “Don’t be afraid of the enemy! Remember the Lord, who is great and glorious, and fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your homes!” Nehemiah 4:14. We are fighting not only for ouselves but for our loved ones also.

So standfast and stand tall beloved.... Our God will fight for us. Nehemiah 4:20.

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